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Cement Australia

Business Description:

Cement Australia is an International supplier of cement related services.
With over 1500 employees nationally, Cement Australia's job roles are as diverse as their geographical locations. From chemical engineers to marketers, miners to scientists, a talented team of people are responsible for creating much of Australia's industrial and residential landscape.  Being Australia's leading cement supplier results in the production of approximately 3 million tonnes of cement annually. Cement Australia embraces a sense of social responsibility, in turn actively pursing developments that advance technology while protecting the environment.

Business Problem:     

Australian Cement recently merged with Queensland Cement which resulted in the need to convey the new company's vision and identity.  The previous website did not effectively educate the market about the merger, nor did it send the right message to their target audience.  Moreover, the website did not reflect their commitment to preserving the environment and to the people that work at Cement Australia.  There were a lot of good stories to tell and Cement Australia needed a vehicle in which to communicate to its wider audience.


Cement Australia engaged Glass Onion in online brand exploration which was executed across the entire site.  The use of earthy tones encompass their connection with the environment, and their greater role in shaping Australia's sustainable future.

The use of rich, rotating imagery is a main element of the site, aimed towards putting the wider audience in touch with Cement Australia's people and their business.

Quick links, a navigation trail, and "In this Section" elements have been incorporated to intuitively guide each user through the content.  Glass Onion's proprietary Content Management System (CMS) re:fract, was implemented to provide content owners complete autonomy. 

Since Cement Australia has a vast and varied audience, Glass Onion has built the site to be accessible to people with sight impairments.  This has been done by modifying our CMS to be W3C compliant.

An interactive timeline was created to show the company's diverse history in an engaging way.  A number of interactive touch points reflect each milestone, with usability ensured by providing users with several ways to access the same information.

An interactive map was also designed to visually represent the breadth of products, services and operations across a wide geographical location.

 A feedback form was prominently positioned on the homepage as part of Cement Australia's commitment to making the website 100% relevant to the users who access it.


Every piece of feedback has been positive, proving that the site has been successful in positioning Cement Australia as a people-centric, dynamic and progressive organisation.

Here are a snapshot of the comments received:

  • "Not only does it look great - the formatting and the photography is first rate but it's easy to navigate and very informative.  I learnt things about the company that I didn't know before and I've been here for five years."
  • "For someone who has an aversion to browsing web-sites, I think I've looked at nearly every page.  It was all clear and easy to read and informative.  Very impressive - thank you."
  • "Great site.  Easy to navigate and easy on the eye.  Love the photos."
  • "What an improvement!  Well done."

As the website brand was the first external brand execution since the merger, our online design elements are being used to drive the offline execution.

From an accessibility point of view, the main website code tests as compliant with the web standards guidelines.  Further, all of the feedback from users highlight that the usability elements introduced have successfully enabled users to find the information they need fast.

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