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Business Description:

Glass Onion has spent the last eighteen months working closely with Synchromesh, a leading marketing communications agency, to deliver strategic online communications solutions.

Business Opportunity:

Synchromesh’s client is an emerging player in the finance sector.  Seeing minimal competition in the online medium at the time, there was a distinct opportunity for integrated marketing programmes to effectively differentiate them in the market.  Since market research indicated their audience was e-savvy, there was great opportunity to gain maximum cut through via the internet.-based campaigns.


Over twelve months ago email communications were tested via a series of online campaigns that resulted in up to 119% viewership.  This led to the execution of an online relationship marketing strategy that included campaigns such as:

  • Regular newsletters,
  •  Referral campaigns,
  • Online satisfaction surveys,
  • Online promotions.


Since this solution was typical to the market at the time, it enabled the client to position themselves as communication leaders in the finance sector.  Over time the user intelligence gained online has supported the client in delivering better targeted and relevant pieces that are seamlessly integrated with the offline marketing channels.

The objectives achieved from the use of email communications has seen it become their primary and rapidly growing vehicle to communicate to their audience.


Please click through to see a Testimonial from Synchromesh

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